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Our mission is to make wine a part of your outdoor experience - simple, elegant, and without compromise.

Carivino is a startup with a unique vision. We see a busy world that is overdriven by a digital lifestyle and in need of balance. We feel a good life should seek time to disconnect, slow down, and enjoy the best of the world around us ... and what better way to harmonize a modern life than to combine a sip of wine with more leisure time outdoors.

Our debut product works to reclaim that balance. It solves real-world challenges, requires no batteries or wi-fi, and delivers a relaxed experience without compromise.

Meet the world's most advanced wine bottle. The best way to enjoy your favorite wine, anywhere, anytime.

We would love your support. Let's raise a toast to a better life.

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Carivino - Wine Without Limits.

Full Bottle Capacity, Vacuum Insulation & Ceramic Coating

Carivino has full 750ml bottle capacity and temperature controlLet’s face it… getting up that hill can take longer than expected, but the view is worth it. Carivino helps you celebrate that moment with a full bottle capacity and all-day temperature control.

No matter how hot or cold your destination, the vacuum insulation and double-wall construction keeps your wine the same temperature as when it was poured.

We take wine seriously, which is why we use an advanced ceramic coating to ensure your boldest reds and delicate whites will stay fresh. Taste the wine, not the container.

Aeration On Demand

Carivino provides on-demand aeration with a venturi-style systemWhy aeration? Wine needs to breathe, but not all day. The right amount of aeration helps to create a smooth, refined, and delicious taste to the wine.

Carivino engineered a venturi-style aeration system inside the neck. Get the best method of aeration automatically as you pour. Enjoy the aroma and delicious taste in every glass with our patented venturi-style design.

Shatter-resistant Experience, Amazing Engineering and Exquisite Details

Carivino - Shatterproof and BPA-free

Our team is passionate about wine and the outdoors — so whether you are poolside or off the beaten trail, our shatter-resistant design ensures your experience is never spoiled.

Through careful engineering and exquisite details, Carivino brings you the beauty and joy of pouring wine from a bottle and into a glass. And our zero-foot print ethos means there is never any trash to leave behind.

Carivino - All you need to enjoy wine outdoors

Nesting Glasses with Stems & Cork Pull

Carivino Nesting Wine Glasses & Cork Pull

The perfect wine experience needs wine glasses – not red party cups. Carivino developed a unique set of beautiful and shatter-resistant Tritan™ wine glasses that nest cleverly inside the base of the bottle.

Carivino goes beyond the expected and offers both styles: contemporary stemless or traditional with a stem.

Our innovative storage system even includes a cork pull neatly tucked within the base.

All in one design – everything you need — elegant simplicity.

Carivino is Wine without limits.