Our Story

Carivino Founder Chris Clyde

“A good product simply solves a problem … a great product solves a problem so effortlessly, so elegantly that you forget that the problem ever existed.”

Here’s our story…

It began with an “aha moment” and then became firmly shaped by our love of wine and time spent outdoors. Over and over, when we tried to combine the two, we encountered many real-world challenges. With wine, it was the heat, the need for ice, or glass-restricted areas. For the outdoors, it was the concern for durability, the worry of trash left behind, or the practical need for convenience and performance. It felt like every attempt or effort took us further and further from that simple act of pouring wine from a bottle into a glass.

We saw others face the same obstacles and witnessed many hacked-together solutions. We knew we weren’t alone and there had to be a better way.

Thus began our quest.

From each sketch to CAD drawings to prototypes, we moved closer and closer to our design goal: “To go beyond the basics and reach for the unexpected.” What we wanted to create for ourselves, and to share with wine lovers everywhere, was “not just a good product, but a great product.”

Throughout our journey, our passion and determination helped us overcome many difficulties, late nights, and the unexpected. However, our vision never wavered. Two years in the making, we believe we’ve finally achieved our goal and created a product that truly harmonizes all that is best about enjoying wine and the outdoors – together.

And like the uncorking of a great wine, we’re excited to finally unveil Carivino.