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Carivino Successfully Launches World’s Most Advanced Wine Bottle With Built-in Glasses & Accessories

Carivino provides all-day temperature control, glasses, aeration and all of the essentials one needs in a stylish and shatter-proof design allowing you to enjoy wine anywhere, anytime. Wine Without Limits.

SAN ANTONIO, April 3, 2019 — Today on Kickstarter, Carivino reached over 220% of its public funding goal in less than a week. Carivino developed a patent- pending wine bottle that helps wine lovers easily transport a full bottle worth of wine (750mL), glasses and built-in accessories and enable the same at-home wine experience anywhere, anytime. From the beach to the pool, at the park or off the beaten path, Carivino helps everyone enjoy the full wine experience without compromise.

World’s First Insulated Outdoor Wine Bottle With Glasses Inside

Carivino conceals two Tritan™ nested wine glasses accessible from the bottom of the bottle. Enjoy the look and feel of traditional glass without the risk of chips or breakage. These unique glasses can easily convert from tumbler or to traditional stemmed glass. Carivino wine glasses are crystal clear, durable and dishwasher safe.

Inside the bottle, Carivino provides a vacuum insulated 750 ml carafe with an internal ceramic coating and a patented in-the-neck venturi aerator. The passive design and advanced coating keeps wine at the temperature it was filled and never in contact with metal. The integrated aerator enhances the flavor for smoother taste automatically as you pour. Thoughtful engineering makes the Carivino bottle easy to use, fill and clean.

“We love wine because it touches us on so many emotional and sensory levels. The same is true for the outdoors. But enjoying wine outdoors isn’t easy, spontaneous and requires too many compromises,” said Carivino Founder Chris Clyde. “Many times, I’ve witnessed hacked solutions that ultimately took wine lovers away from that ideal experience – the cherished act of pouring wine from a bottle into a glass. We believe Carivino offers the perfect solution. It’s easy to use, quick to prepare and provides everything you need for that ideal outdoor wine experience. Carivino is designed for the wine lovers who want to bring their favorite wine and explore more of the world around them.”

Carivino is available on Kickstarter with two color options – metallic red or pearl white. For more information or to pre-order, visit

About Carivino

The outdoor wine experience has too many challenges, so the Carivino team took matters into their own hands and created a product that makes wine enjoyable anywhere, anytime. Their goal was to make the experience elegant, simple and worry-free. With Carivino, wine lovers can have and share the full wine experience in one product, from glasses to an aerator. For more information about Carivino, visit